NEWS IN BRIEF ICE Agent Decides He Wants Kids After Seeing Incredible Love And Devotion Of Parents Begging Him Not To Take Their Child

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Remarking that he wished to one day care so much about another person, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agent Matthew Howe decided Thursday that he wants to have kids of his own after seeing the love and devotion of the immigrant parents begging him not to take their child. “I always said kids weren’t for me, but seeing the desperate love in the way those parents screamed and tore at their son’s shirt as I pulled him away—to have that powerful a bond must be amazing,” said Howe, admitting the intense sobbing as he kicked the parents off their son helped him finally understand how the power of the parent–child connection made two people very nearly inseparable. “My wife and I have been talking about it for years, but until I saw how these two were willing to do anything to save their kid, I wasn’t sure fatherhood was something I wanted. I mean, how many times have you heard a mother say she’d take a bullet to protect her kid? But until you see it happen, you don’t understand how powerful family can be. I want the kind of loving relationship they used to have.” At press time, Howe started to rethink his decision after attempting to simultaneously drive and deal with the six screaming, hungry immigrant kids in the back of his SUV.



Remarking v.谈论,评论( remark的现在分词 ); 注意到…

Immigration n.移居; 移民人数; 移民局检查站;

Thursday 英 [ˈθɜ:zdeɪ] n.星期四

devotion n.献身,奉献; 忠诚; 信仰,祈祷; 热爱

desperate adj.绝望的; 由绝望而引起的; 铤而走险的,孤注一掷的; 急切的,极度渴望的

screamed v.(因伤痛、害怕、激动等)尖叫 ~发出尖叫声( scream的过去式和过去分词 ); (向某人或为某事)高声喊; 发出大而尖的声音; 呼啸而过

tore v.撕( tear的过去式 ); (使)分裂; 撕碎; 扯破

bond n.纽带; 联系; 债券; 保释金  v.使结合; 建立互信关系; 与…紧密联系; 与…黏合

intense adj.热情的,强烈的,紧张的; 热烈的,热情的,认真的; [摄](底片)明暗度强的; 有强烈感情(或意见、想法)的

sobbing adj.<主方>湿透的;v.哭泣,啜泣( sob的现在分词 ); 哭诉,呜咽地说;

kicked v.踢( kick的过去式和过去分词 ); 踢蹬,踢(腿); (因干了蠢事、失去良机等)对(自己)生气; 体育运动

inseparable adj.不可分的,分不开的; 不能分离的;n.不可分离的事物; 形影不离的好友;

fatherhood n.父亲的身份,父性,父权;

bullet n.子弹,弹药; 弹丸; [印]着重号;

simultaneously [saɪməlˈtenɪəslɪ]  adv.同时地; 一壁; 齐; 一齐




(美国)移民海关执法(Immigration and Customs Enforcement ,缩写为ICE)2003年成立,是美国国土安全部(DHS)重要的调查力量同样也是在联邦政府中第二大的调查机构。它成立于2003年整合了美国在海关入境服务和移民入籍服务方面的调查部门和内陆武装警力,ICE目前拥有20,000名警员分布在47个国家以及美国所有的50个州。


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