Area Man Beginning To Think He Has Memorial Day Off

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Hours after arriving at an empty office this morning, local man and R&G Insurance Guaranty sales associate Joel Wyner told reporters that he's beginning to suspect his employer may have given his staff the day off for Memorial Day. “I figured people might be rolling in a little late on a Monday, but it's well past noon at this point,” Wyner said while furtively scanning the rows of vacant cubicles in his noiseless, unlit office. “The company didn't send any kind of email about having Memorial Day off. At least I don't think they did. Did we have it off last year?” At press time, a phone call made by Wyner to his supervisor had gone directly to voicemail.


Memorial : [məˈmɔriəl, -ˈmor-] n. 纪念碑,纪念物;纪念仪式;adj.纪念的;悼念的;

Memorial Day : [məˈmɔriəl de] 阵亡将士纪念日

have off : 某天休息

Insurance : 美 [ɪnˈʃʊrəns] n. 保险,保险业;保险费;预防措施;

Guaranty :['gærəntɪ] n.保证;保证书;担保物;抵押物; vt.保证,抵押,担保;

Insurance Guaranty : 保险担保

associate :vt.(使)发生联系;(使)联合;结交;联想 vi.联盟;陪伴同事;n.合伙人;伴侣,同志;非正式会员;adj.联合的;合伙的;非正式的;(性质上)有密切联系的

suspect : vt.猜疑(是);怀疑,不信任;怀疑…有罪;n.嫌疑犯;vi.怀疑;adj.可疑的;

staff :n.参谋;全体职员;管理人员;权杖

rolling :adj.旋转的;波动的;起伏的;n.旋转;动摇;轰鸣;

furtively : [ˈfətɪvlɪ]adv.偷偷地,秘密地;

vacant : [ˈvekənt]adj.空闲的;空缺的;空虚的;茫然的

cubicle : [ˈkjubɪkəl] n.小卧室,斗室;

At press time : 在发稿时,到发稿时为止;

supervisor : [ˈsupərvaɪzə(r)] n. 监督者,管理者;镇长;

voicemail : n.语音信箱;


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